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HHS Investing Club Looks to Educate Students on Investing and Saving

Jan 20, 2021

According to a study done by the Morning Consult, four out of ten workers started saving for retirement in their 20’s, while the other half was split evenly between starting in their 30’s or their 40’s.

Three HHS seniors, Della Daml, Will Rauser, and Katie Shatirishvili have made it their mission to help high school students save money early through investing.

“Most Americans now don’t have a lot in their savings accounts and haven’t focused on planning out how they’re going to be financially stable during retirement,” Daml said. “We’re looking into how students can reap the rewards of investing early and how they can keep a diversified portfolio along with other things that come with long-term investing in order to be able to be financially stable when they reach retirement age.”

To combat this issue, these three students have created an add-on to the preexisting Investing club at HHS. Their miniature club was initiated as a part of the HHS DECA business club’s Community Awareness Project.

The purpose of DECA’s Community Awareness Project is to pick an issue in your community and create a project to raise awareness for it. 

“We decided to pick investing and teach students how to invest starting young. We want to spread the message that investing early is your greatest advantage in the investing world,” Daml said.

Despite their similarities, Daml said that her Community Awareness Project and the HHS investing club work together hand in hand.

“The club focuses more on stocks and day trading,” Daml said. “Our project is more focused on long term investing. We’re focused on how you can the most of being young and taking advantage of compound interest.”

Daml and her co-founders of the investing project plan to spread their message through a google meet session hosted by Mr. Aaron Ginnobile, business. 

However, investing conferences are not the only way these entrepreneurs intend to raise awareness on the importance of investing and compound interest. A school-wide stock market simulation game is currently in the works and is projected to start toward the end of January.  Daml said that the simulation is incentivized with prizes for the winner.

Regardless of the challenges the project has faced because of COVID-19, Daml said many teachers and students have reached out with their excitement about the work that Daml and her colleagues are doing.

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