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HHS Sophomores Kick Off Hybrid Learning Starting February 1

Jan 12, 2021

Feb. 1 will mark the first day of hybrid learning for sophomores at HHS.

Sophomores are set to start a week before juniors and seniors so they have time to familiarize themselves in their new school. From Feb. 1-4, 25 percent of the sophomore class will go into school each day of the week.

But will a mere three hours and 40 minutes be enough to learn the lay of the land in a completely new environment?

Pre-Covid, sophomores would begin school the day before juniors and seniors as an orientation day. The main difference between then and now is the lack of time. The shortened school day gives students around half the time they would normally have.

Gracie Kermisch, sophomore, is glad to have the opportunity to have her first school experience at HHS with students who are also new to the environment.

“I feel like I won’t learn it all on the first day, but I think it will definitely help me get more used to where everything is with less people around,” said Kermisch. “I think it’ll take another day to really know my way around and a full first day would’ve helped more.”

With masks on and social distancing rules put into place, sophomores will be receiving a very unique first day of school experience.

“It’s going to be weird, but you have to make the most of it,” said Delaney Bragg, sophomore.

Student Council has posted an area on their Instagram story for students to send in any specific questions they have about where things are located within HHS. They plan on creating a video for the new HHS students showing them around the school.

With this extra resource and significantly less people in the building at the time, sophomores are hopeful and excited to begin their in person high school experience.

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