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President-elect Biden Hopes to Bring Normalcy Back With 100 Days of Masks

Dec 16, 2020

We’re several days into the 25 days of Christmas, but soon, we will be enjoying 100 days of mask-wearing.

In a press conference on Dec. 3, president-elect Joe Biden announced that on his inauguration day, he’d ask the American population to engage with mask wearing for 100 days. 

The problem with this request is just that- it’s a request. Biden acknowledged that he doesn’t have the power to enforce this request as president, and would need further help on more local levels.

“I think in a lot of situations, people underestimate their personal impact on the community. When someone believes they can be the exception, and other people share this view, it makes a much greater impact than might have been intended. Because people have this belief, though, similar to the mentality of not voting in an election because their ‘vote won’t make a difference’, I definitely think people are going to go against [Biden’s wishes] unless the repercussions of not following it would directly affect them,” said Veronica Livscheets, senior.

However, the significance of Biden announcing this plan for his inauguration day calls attention to his efforts. Whereas president Donald Trump mocks those who wear masks, and downplays the coronavirus pandemic, Biden’s first act as president will be one of proactivity towards the virus. 

Hopefully, Biden’s presidency will bring change. With a vaccine in the works, and less and less opportunities for people to congregate in public places, we might be able to flatten, and redirect, the curve.

“I think a way to build herd immunity following the public release of the vaccine would be to implicate regulations on college campuses and in the workplace. For instance, I hope that Biden will mandate vaccinations in universities and businesses in order for students to attend, or for employees to be hired,” said Livscheets. “I think Biden’s [100 days] plan is absolutely necessary to get our country back to normalcy.”

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