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Rising COVID Cases in Hennepin County Lead to Distance Learning

Dec 4, 2020

With over 120 cases of COVID-19 per 10,000 people in Hennepin County over the last two weeks, HHS continues to follow a distance learning plan.

But what are the 22 other independent school districts in Hennepin County doing?

With no official order from the Minnesota government, each district has the choice as to whether they are distance, hybrid, or completely in-person learning. The state has given recommendations regarding when schools should open, but each district can make their own plans and are able to change them throughout the year.

Most schools have gone solely distance learning, just as HHS has.

Hopkins’ surrounding districts have tried a variety of models regarding schooling environments this year. A majority of them were using a hybrid learning model, but have now since switched to completely distance. 

High schools like Edina and Wayzata had offered similar hybrid programs where students attended in person classes twice a week. At Wayzata, it was only some classes that used this model, whereas at Edina, all classes were hybrid. Currently, both districts are back to distance learning only.

This raises the question: is it better that HHS didn’t start the year with a hybrid program?

Students like Gracie Kermisch, sophomore, think it was good that HHS started, and remained,  online, despite neighboring schools starting hybrid classes.

“I felt safer at home because of COVID and it would’ve been harder to finally adjust to hybrid only to go back online,” said Kermisch. “I’ve had more time to get used to online classes, so I have a steady routine and switching it for a short amount of time would just make school harder.”

As COVID-19 cases continue to increase, the chance of returning back to school is becoming less and less likely. 

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