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HHS Introduces Winter Workout Challenge

Dec 4, 2020

As the cold and snow begin and winter approaches, students are stuck in their homes and exercise and physical activity is limited. 

HHS has come up with a solution. 

The first annual Winter Workout Challenge was created by head athletic trainer at HHS, Mrs. Stephanie Reinisch. After speaking with Dan Johnson, athletic director, Reinisch was excited to challenge people physically while providing them a break from their day. 

I knew I wanted to try and figure out a way to stay connected with the athletes,” said Reinisch. “I also wanted it to be not just about fitness but overall well-being.”

Every day there is a new challenge and exercise that you can attempt. If you complete the daily challenge you earn bonus points, which adds extra incentive to stay healthy and have fun. 

“I hope that this will help people see how easy it is to get a little physical activity in each day. This just might be the key to keeping healthy living promoters around HHS and into next year. I’d love to continue and help all people achieve their physical and well-being goals!” Reinisch said. 

Workouts can be found on the HHS website, or in your student email. The workouts can be completed at any time, but you are encouraged to try them everyday. 

Get your friends and family to join you in the Winter Workout Challenge, and share your photos and videos to inspire others. 

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