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Minnesota Continues Trend of High Voter Turnout

Nov 16, 2020

The United States has seen the highest ever voter turnout in this year’s election than in the last century. 

With a voter turnout of over 79 percent, Minnesota holds the title of the state with the highest percentage of eligible voters voting.

Although this year’s election yielded a high voter turnout, it is not the state’s record. Minnesota’s highest-ever voter turnout was in 1956, with a record breaking 83 percent. 

With these high voter turnouts across the country many people, specifically those who oppose the president elect Joseph R. Biden, believe that this is directly linked to voter fraud. Although these claims were confirmed to be false by the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, many people are protesting against the Presidential election results, including incumbent President Donald Trump. 

Trump’s campaign even created a hotline for voters to call to report inconsistencies in the voting process. Despite Trump’s campaign taking their claims of voter fraud seriously, many have taken his concerns lightly, converting the voter fraud hotline to a prank call line.

Some Minnesotans have suspected voter fraud in their own state due to this election’s high turnout, as well as the state’s results. What many forget is that Minnesota has a history of some of the highest voter turnout rates as well as voting Democratic for every presidential election since 1976.

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