Midori Auditions go Virtual

October 21, 2020

Midori is one of the many choirs at HHS, and considered a higher leveled Acapella all-female group.  

Mrs. Katie Irvin has been the choir director at HHS since 2017. She has had to adjust to the new ways of auditioning this year with COVID-19 and had to find a new way to let people audition for Midori. 

“I picked the audition music and whoever wants the music, I send it to them. Then, I lay down the rehearsal tracks that are used to practice in preparation so that they come to the audition knowing the part that they’re auditioning for,” Irvin said. 

Denajah Smith, senior, believes there are different challenges that come with the virtual audition. 

“As an Acapella group, you have to make sure that you match your pitch with the others. This is difficult because with learning the piece virtually and not being able to practice with each other, you would only be able to listen to the rehearsal tracks,” Smith said. 

The group’s members have to make sure they are using their time outside of rehearsal to make sure they are getting the notes correct and memorizing the pieces of music Irvin gives them. 

Ellie Whittey, junior, participates in the HHS theater program and spends a lot of her time in choir challenging herself with music lessons.

“When you sing with an Acapella group, especially with one that is so small with two or three people per part, you play such a vital role in making sure that your part is heard,” Witty said. “It’s a lot more difficult than if you were singing as part of a whole section of choir. You really have to make sure that you’re confident in your voice and know what you’re supposed to sing,” 

“I love Midori because it’s such a small group of treble singers, so it really allows us to create a different kind of bond,” Irvin said.

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