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HHS Sophomore Gets Creative with TikTok

Oct 16, 2020

Charlie Fieldman, sophomore, is a normal HHS student. But on TikTok he is @charlie.max with over 281,000 followers. 

Fieldman’s TikTok page consists of drawings, resin pieces, custom shoes, paintings, dance videos and more.

He posted his first TikTok on Oct. 8 of 2019 which consisted of him recreating the iconic taco on a stick from “iCarly.” Fieldman received 823,500 views and his popularity is only growing. 

With 9.9 million views, his most popular video on TikTok has 2.1 million likes. In this video, he creates a Louis Vuitton resin diamond. 

Resin art has recently become popular since many people find the process satisfying to watch, and it’s a versatile material.

“[Resin art is] my favorite because there’s just so many different things you can do with it, and it doesn’t take too long to make,” Fieldman said.

Fieldman has developed a supportive following for his art on TikTok. Despite his many fans, he has unfortunately seen the negative sides of social media just like many other creators have. 

“You definitely get a lot of hate comments, but the videos I make, the hate’s never directed at me,” Fieldman said. “It’s not really about me, so I just kind of take it as a joke.” 

He does his best to utilize the positive aspects of social media.

“There’s a lot of bad things in it [social media]. But for example, I do art, so there’s a lot of inspiration. It gives me ideas, and it can fill your time in a good way,” Fieldman said.

Despite juggling school and art, he is able to set aside time for his hobby and enjoys posting for all of his followers.

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