What Are People Doing for Halloween?

October 12, 2020

As the leaves change and the temperature drops around the Twin Cities, students at HHS anticipate the arrival of Halloween and the autumn season.

One thing is certain, this year’s Halloween celebrations will not look anything like any we’ve seen in the years past. Due to Coronavirus and the limitations on how many people can be in one space at one time, many conventional types of celebrations will either have to be altered so that they are COVID-friendly, or will not be possible.

Some students admitted that they probably wouldn’t be doing anything to celebrate this year. 

“There aren’t many options,” said Lola Jessen, sophomore. “Especially since it doesn’t really sound like trick or treating is going to be happening.”

The CDC recommended guidelines for Halloween this year include: no traditional Trick or Treating, no crowded Halloween parties, and no haunted houses or hayrides.

They recommended replacement activities include family pumpkin carving, having a movie night with the people you live with, or doing a virtual costume contest.

Natalie Lerum, sophomore, says she’s also keeping her plans small. 

“I think I might go over to my boyfriend’s house and watch movies there, but really nothing too crazy. I don’t think the rest of my family is really doing anything special either,” said Lerum.

Some students are abiding by the CDC guidelines, such as Thomas Burke, junior. Burke is planning on having a family movie night so there won’t be any risk of anyone in his family getting infected. 

“Nobody in my family is high-risk, but it’s important to stay safe. COVID is a big deal,” said Burke.

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