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The 15 greatest rap songs of all time: Number 10.

May 7, 2020

The 15 greatest rap songs of all time: Number 10.


  1. Pusha T – “The Games We Play” (2018)

The entire Pusha T/Clipse catalogue comprises three different types of songs: songs that talk about selling drugs, songs that talk about wealth or songs that talk about selling drugs AND wealth. Push chooses the last option for his best song throughout his nearly two decade long career, a cocky cocaine anthem with an equally bombastic Kanye instrumental backing.

“The Games We Play” follows that tried and true Pusha T formula, but something about the second track off Daytona feels even more confident and self-assured than even “Kinda Like A Big Deal” from the Clipse days. 

Pusha is playing in a league even above the majors and sits on top of a mountain he built himself off his earnings from dealing, and as a listener, you get a fast pass to sit next to Pusha T at his exclusive club and live the luxurious lifestyle along with him. And the way he flexes his oppulence on “The Games We Play” carries a certain power and creativity that is unmatchable.

Who is going to argue with a man that says,”We don’t need a globe to show you the world is ours,” or, “This lifestyle’s forever when you made”? You can’t.

Flow-wise, it’s not fireworks, but the methodical boasting backed by some vintage horns and a burnt out guitar always has me picturing Pusha T riding down the coast of Florida in a drop top letting throwing money out the back as if it was pocket change.

If you ever want to feel like you are a boss, a titan of industry, or an unstoppable force, “The Games We Play” will give you that boost like no other.

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