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Students prepare for new AP testing format

May 5, 2020

With the Covid-19 pandemic at full force, one of the many changes that students will have to adapt to is the new Advanced Placement (AP) testing format.

The new format for 2019-20 test takers consists of a varying number of Free Response Questions (FRQs) that will last 45 minutes. The College Board made the decision to eliminate all multiple choice questions.

Tests will be taking place from May 11 through May 22, with make-up testing taking place from June 1 through June 5.

Nicole Penner, junior, will be taking two AP tests this coming May.

“I feel like it puts students at a disadvantage because it’s focused on one subject now, versus all of what we learned,” Penner said. “If the FRQ question on the test is your weak suit, then it’s going to be difficult.

Testing will last 45 minutes, which is substantially shorter than the two-three hours that normal AP testing takes.

The new adaption was made so students can take the tests at home in a short sitting. All exams will be put through systems to help detect plagiarism and cheating, though the College Board hasn’t specified how that process will work.

“I think the shortened time is one benefit to it because I won’t get as restless when I’m sitting there,” Penner said. “On the other hand, since I am going to be taking it at home, I think I might  get distracted easier.”

Students must access the online testing system 30 minutes before the start of the exam. After the 45 minute testing window, students will receive five minutes to upload their tests. If technical difficulties occur, students can request to take the make-up exam in June.

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