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Students excited for upcoming 100 Gecs concert

Feb 24, 2020

At first glance the music of St. Louis duo 100 Gecs can seem like just noise. A few more glances and it’s still just that. Yet at some point something seems to change, the noise begins to give way to something slightly catchy, perhaps even fun. A guilty pleasure if there ever was one.

Now imagine your friend’s Bar Mitzvah DJ hangs up the Tallit and buddies up with Radiohead to turn out some attempt at pop music. That’s the music of 100 Gecs. Or at least the best attempt at describing it. Loud, experimental, and drenched in autotune, most people leave their headphones with a puzzled face.

Yet as 100 Gecs gear up to take on the Fine Line venue in Minneapolis, the local buzz has been astounding. With tickets going at just 15 dollars a pop, their high school comprised fan base makes a lot of sense. 

Still no one can really make up their minds if they’re hearing the bubonic plague converted to audiophile or truly great music. To the students at HHS, it seems to make for a fun Monday night either way.

“I like that they integrate a lot of different genres into their music, and exaggerate them in interesting ways,” said Americo Sculati, junior.

To other students, the concert is more about energy than anything else.

“100 Gecs is crazy. They can transform a crowd,” said Patrick Sweeney, junior.

Students will just have to see the madness for themselves come Feb. 24.

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