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Many mittens still in mall despite Sadie’s approaching

Jan 23, 2020


David Campbell

Hundreds of mittens are still taped in the mall. The Sadie’s dance is on Feb. 8.

Coming back from winter break, HHS student council began the decade with a colorful bang of mittens. The mittens are organized into designs like snowflakes and the new year, 2020.

Students are encouraged to find the mitten with their name written on it for a chance to win two tickets to the Sadie’s dance. The winning mittens will have stickers on the back of them.

There is one winner per grade for a grand total of three winners in the school. Out of around 1,600 that puts your chances of winning at about .2 percent.

The mittens went up on Jan. 6, yet most of the 1,600 mittens remain on the walls and windows of the mall, media center, fishbowl and main office. The amount of mittens around the mall make searching for a specific mitten like playing a game of Where’s Waldo.

This tradition has been put on by student council for many years and is the schools way of embracing the new year and welcoming students back from break.

The prize is tickets to the Sadie’s dance which is on Feb. 8 from 7:30-10:00 p.m. at HHS. The theme of the dance is winter wonderland.

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