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November 15, 2019

For all high school students, taking the ACT test is an important step inFor all high school students, taking the ACT test is an important step in the journey towards college. the journey towards college.


For students in the class of 2021 and up, ACT section combinations will be introduced to help students be the most successful they can be. Currently there are four subsections that are graded on a scale from 1 to 36.


These are reading, math, science, English and Writing, which is optional. As of now the test is scored by taking the score of all four required subsections and averaging them out. Starting in September, 2020, students will be able to receive a “superscore” which combines their highest score from any subsection from any time they have taken the test.


According to test experts, this new system would help students improve their overall score and would allow them get tutored and focus more on an individual section of the test rather than the whole thing. 


According to the ability to customize test results with a superscore would make test prep and tutoring even more important than it is now and causing a disadvantage to those who cannot afford it or do not have the means to seek it out.


It is still unclear whether or not colleges would evaluate students with a superscore the same as those who submit a score taken from one test. Micheal Adam, HHS class of 2019 graduate said “I feel that If I was allowed to send in my superscore, rather than one single test, it’s possible that I could’ve received more academic scholarships. 


Sending in superscores doesn’t only allow for more scholarships, it could also determine getting accepted into a certain college or not”.


According to ACT research, the superscore is also a more accurate representation of how students would perform in actual college courses. As of now the ACT can be taken up to 12 times, although, according to the average student takes the test between one and three times. 


The superscoring method would allow students to not have to take the entire ACT as many times on average and could allow them to be more successful in getting into college.


For many HHS students the superscore method relieves a lot of stress from the test taking process and will allow them to feel good about their final score that will be submitted to colleges. 


As for the schools that will be receiving these scores, the superscore gives them a more accurate representation of how a student will perform in real college courses. 

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