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Fall choir concert recap

Oct 25, 2019

Oct. 22 marked the annual Fall Festival concert, where various choirs within the program perform their latest pieces.

Although this tradition occurs annually, for Isabel Freeman, senior, this is the beginning of the end of her choir career at HHS.

“The choir program at HHS is so meaningful to me,” said Isabel Freeman, senior. “It has provided me with a new outlet of self- expression.

The choirs performed pieces ranging from a theme of world betterment to music in traditional African dialect. These pieces were just a few of the songs performed by the Concert Choir and Bel Canto.

“Overall, the concert went really well,” Freeman said. “I was our first of the year, and although there wasn’t a clear theme [of the concert], we performed multiple songs about love and togetherness.”

Within the past two years, various changes have been made to the choir program, as the Kantori choir no longer exists\; every upperclassman in chois is either in Concert Choir or Bel Canto.

“Without Kantori, the concerts definitely feel different,” Freeman said. “Also with the new changes to the Chamber choir, give the program a different feel as well.”

The Chamber Choir, formerly known as Geoff, is now open to inclusion of all students eligible for choir, as long as they meet the creditcals. Freeman finds herself being one of the first females in the group, since its creation.

Although this change was implemented due to low course enrollment and interest, Freeman has considered this to be a positive step, in terms of reinventing the choir program.

“I’ve really enjoyed being in the Chamber Choir so far,” Freeman said. “We’ve only had a few rehearsals, but it’s going to be a good year for choir.”

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