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Frank Ocean’s DHL

Oct 25, 2019, Frank Ocean’s website was updated on Oct. 19, 2019. Previewing two new remixes, ‘Cayendo’ and ‘Dear April,’ and merchandise retailing for 60 dollars and 75 dollars.

The two remixes were created for a New York City party he was throwing called PrEP+, a night club which soon became controversial for its name. Blonded Radio also returned following this announcement.

Later that night, Ocean dropped his newest songs on streaming services, DHL.

Four minutes and twenty nine seconds long, the listener is thrown right back into Ocean’s typical discography. The song starts out with a heavy bass and synth, flowing into vocals presented by Ocean himself.

Throughout the beat, Ocean slow-raps similar to ‘She’ by Tyler, the Creator and ‘Oldie’ by Odd Future, a hip-hop group Ocean used to be apart of with Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler, the Creator.
The song is named after the mail shipping service DHL International GmbH. The German company has a significant presence in Asia and Europe and have collaborated with brands such as Vetements, a luxury French clothing brand.

The last song Ocean released was a cover of Moon River, originally performed by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, on Feb. 14, 2018 and the last original song was ‘Provider’ on Aug. 27, 2017.

Fans are hoping for a new thirteen song album coming in the following year. His last album, Blonde, was ranked the best album of the decade by Pitchfork, leading to high expectations for his next one.

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