World Religions class visits Hindu temple, Buddhist monastery

Olivia Cohen, Editor-in-Chief

Experiencing culture can be hard to come by when learning is exercised through a textbook alone, but World Religions students had the opportunity to experience culture first hand, as they visit various places of worship. 

The field trip, on Oct. 2, was centered around experiencing the culture of Eastern religions, as these two religions were two major subjects covered in the class. The group of 17, led by Mr. Michael Babine-Dinnen, social studies, were guests in both a Hindu temple and a Buddhist monastery and spent the day reinforcing their knowledge on the religions, through physical means. 

Jack Specht, senior, was able to take in the traditions the religions had to offer, first hand. 

“Being able to visit the [Hindu] temple and the [Buddhist] monastery was really unique experience for me,” said Specht. “The fact that we were able to interact with professionals made it really interesting.” 

In addition to purely experiencing the culture of the respective religions, the class was able to partake in traditional practices, such as meditation and the disciplines that come with it. 

Along with the temple and monastery, the class also plans to visit a Jewish synagogue in the future. 

“Learning outside the classroom really allowed me to feel absorbed and assimilated by the culture, which we were learning about,” said Specht.