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Baker’s Baseball Blog #3, No Spotlight for Our Hometown Team

May 9, 2019

In light of recent articles, the Minnesota Twins have been a hot commodity within my recent articles, and I’m still going to stay on the topic for now.

As of today, May 9, the Twins hold the best record in the MLB at 23-12. This record is better than the former world series champions, the Boston Red Sox, the powerhouse in the Houston Astros and the longtime dynasty, the New York Yankees.

Despite being the most surprising and the best team to this point in the season, it seems as if no one cares.  

The only headline the Twins have as of now is on ESPN under their own team news, otherwise the headlines are littered with how good the national league is or how the Cubs and Cardinals are taking over the MLB.

Granted, the Twins will never have this spotlight because they aren’t a big market team like those in Chicago, California, or New York.

You would think when you go from one of the worst or “unlucky” teams for the past few years to the best record through the first two months of the season then you would get some notice.

This article is strictly is bring attention to the success and surprise of the Twins. To bring to notice that the big market teams shouldn’t be as covered of there is news in other places.

I am confident that a journalist is supposed to cover the most exciting and groundbreaking news and the latest loss of the Cubs isn’t as groundbreaking as the Twins being on top of the league.

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