April snowstorms leaves golf team looking for different ways to practice

May 8, 2019

This winter was an especially cold one, and a large snow storm on April 11th left spring sports struggling with where to hold their practices.

Both the boys and girls teams are at a disadvantage for this season due to the unfortunate weather.

Seth Schricker, senior, is a captain of the boys golf team.

“The weather has been tough this year. We have been inside more than we would have liked with the late April snow,” Schricker said.

When the golf teams do make it outside, the conditions are bad and practices are made difficult.

“When we are lucky enough to get outside it is usually raining which makes playing conditions much harder,” Schricker said.

Melanie Roth, senior, is also a captain and expressed her disbelief with the situation.

“We actually got outside pretty early this year but due to the snowfall in April, we have had to reschedule some matches. We still have not had any matches yet which is disappointing and this is super similar to what happened last spring too. But I am excited to finally get back on the course and start competing,” Roth said.

After being stuck in a similar situation last year, HHS golfers were eventually able to make a come back after a rough start. They even sent several players, from both boys and girls teams, to the state golf tournament.

While the weather is unfortunate, the golfers are looking forward to an exciting 2019 season. They are ready to take on the challenge that is participating in spring sports in Minnesota.

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