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With May coming along, HHS students cramming for AP tests

May 1, 2019

It’s that time of year again, fresh spring flowers, a little bit of showers and May Advanced Placement (AP) testing. This year an estimated 1.1 Million students across the country will be participating in AP testing. With the inbound AP testing, students are cramming and doing everything they can to score high.

The AP exams is a way to measure the amount of knowledge a student has grasped from their AP class. The testing is scored one through five, and scoring a three on the tests earns you college credit. The average score across the United States for AP exams is a 2.87, slightly below receiving college credit.

Amidst the increase in studying and cramming, it can lead to a lot of stress and anxiety. Students in HHS are no exception to this, Anna Erickson, senior, has put in the hours and is hoping to see her hard work come to fruition this spring.

Erickson combats the pressure by using a variety of  methods.

“I like to use breathing techniques and visualize success. AP testing is a big deal, but it does not make or break your life,” Erickson said.

Students across HHS have taken different approaches at the tests. Some go in boldly without looking at any of their review material and wing it, other spends a few days reviewing, and the most devoted have spent weeks preparing.

AP classes can be at the beginning of the year or the second half of the year. Which leads to different timelines for studying. College credit is the end goal, having classes first term can make that more difficult then having the class leading up to the test.

“I start studying with enough time to feel ready for the exam, so it differs, With classes that I took first semester I study at home a lot more, then for classes I have this current semester it’s more review and in class time studying. The assurance that knowing once they’re done and we are free, and my want to get college credits is really what gets me through my stress,” said Sally Reed, senior.

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