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Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar announces presidential bid

Feb 19, 2019

Minnesota’s very own senator Amy Klobuchar just might be on the ballot box come 2020.

On February 10th Klobuchar took to boom island park, Minneapolis to announce her campaign.

She will be joining the historic number of female candidates that have announced a presidential bid this year.

‘’I’m running for every parent, senior, worker, farmer, dreamer, and builder. I’m running for every American,’’ Klobuchar said.

While some might be skeptical, Klobuchar is not without experience. First elected in 2006, Klobuchar has been serving on the senate for three terms.

Often viewed as a centrist or moderate democrat, Klobuchar completely shredded that image, saying she would  prefer to be viewed as “progressive”.

“I think they should see me as a progressive because I believe in progress and I have worked towards progress my whole life’’ Klobuchar said.

Certainly liberal in politics, Klobuchar’s “Minnesota nice” image may be getting the better of people. According to Huffington post, Klobuchar has a history of mistreating staff, with multiple people declining to work on her campaign because of it.

“She was constantly lighting new fires sometimes at the expense of focusing on legislative work,” a former staff said.

Lucy Speers, junior, was an HHS student who was at Klobuchar’s announcement. We spoke with her for the whole story

“Me and my parents wanted to go because we knew it would be a big moment in history,” Speers said.

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