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Hit and runs in HHS parking lot

Jan 28, 2019

The last thing anyone wants is for themselves or their car to get hit, although it happens to be a recurring issue at HHS.

Students all year long are awaiting the day they turn 16 and are finally eligible to get their license. As the amount of cars piling into the parking lot increases the higher the chance of cars and or people getting hit also increases.

“My brothers senior year his car got hit in the parking lot during the school day and he never found out who hit his car. Unfortunately our family ended up having to pay for the damage,” said, Ari Segal, junior.

Even a slight bump up against another bumper can leave a scratch. The first day of classes this 2018-19 school year there was a crash between two students at the end of the day.

“Having my car hit in the school parking lot is my biggest fear. Winter is when students cars are more likely to get hit,” Segal said.

HHS happens to have cameras watching the school’s parking lot, although some days they are not filming the action. Report a hit to the office just incase the accident was filmed.

“I got my license early in the school year and I would never want my car to get hit, so I try my hardest to stay in my lane and not hit others,” said, Jake Perry, sophomore.

The 2018-19 school year has been slim in the accidents happening in the parking lot, compared to previous school years.

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