Student Council warms up Sadies with mittens in the mall

January 14, 2019

Students may have noticed a mess of colorful mittens with writing taped up all along the windows of the office, media center, and the fishbowl.

Actually there’s about 1,600 colorful mittens, one for each student in the school. Once you find the one with your name on it you are supposed to take it off the wall. If there’s a sticker on the back that means you win.

Each grade has two winners. The winners will get tickets to the HHS Sadie’s Dance where traditionally the girls ask the boys. Sadie’s will be on Feb. 16.

This contest was put together by the student council. This was just one of the many ways student council has tried to encourage students to become more active in the HHS community.

Student council is currently planning future events like Sadie’s, pepfest, and winter week.

This seems to be the school’s way of celebrating the new year and welcoming the students back from break.

Despite the mittens going up on Jan. 7, most students still haven’t found theirs. This is because with there being about 1,600, finding one name is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Some people are convinced someone else snagged theirs.

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