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HHS students share their favorite vacation spots

Jan 2, 2019

Minnesota is known for having extremely cold winters, so a lot of families choose to go down south for vacation.

There’s many places to go during the cold winters for warm weather but there’s only a few that can make your vacation more than just a warm place.

Some of the best vacation spots inside of the US include: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Miami. Outside of the US there is: Costa Rica, Rome, Cancun, Tahiti, and Barcelona.

“Ecuador is my favorite place to visit because it’s so different from here and the weather is great,” said Diego Sojos, junior. 

Saying Ecuador is Sojos’ favorite place to visit is saying a lot considering he has visited places like Greece, Miami, Los Angeles and Cancun.

While there are all these warm places you can visit there’s also multiple cold places you can visit with it still being a fun time. Such as Colorado, Norway, Canada, Duluth, and Germany. These places allow you to do many things like skiing, snowboarding, and see the city.

With winter break approaching many students are looking forward to spending their time not in the frozen tundra known as Minnesota


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