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The Lindbergh Loonies prepare for an exciting basketball season ahead

November 30, 2018

The basketball season is coming up and with the basketball season comes the famous group, known as the Lindbergh Loonies.

“The Lindbergh Loonies have been at HHS for a very long time, it’s a tradition that I hope to continue and basically we are a fan section for our boys and girls basketball teams and we support them with different cheers that we use to try and get in the opponents heads,” said Luis Felemovicius, senior.

Every year at HHS a group of senior boys and girls get together, order fan jerseys and become a group called “The Lindbergh Loonies.”

“I joined the Loonies because a lot of my friends do and it and I’ve been waiting for this opportunity since I was a young freshman and I have been practicing the cheering so I can work my way up to be a great Loonie,” said Will Stein, senior.

The Lindbergh Loonies are really excited for the upcoming basketball seasons. They are excited to see both teams potentially make it to the state championship.

“My biggest goal for being a Lindbergh Loonie is helping cheer the basketball teams way through sections, and ultimately help win a state title for the basketball programs,” Stein said.

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