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November 15, 2018


Provided by: Nikki Bank

HHS Responds hosts a fish bowl. HHS Responds is for students to voice their opinions.

HHS Responds, which meets every Thursday at 3 in W215, gives students who all share a variety of opinions to make their voices heard.

“It is a really fun club to be a part of it and is a great chance to talk about what truly matters to you and not feel shamed for it,” said Lili Hoschka, senior.

This club has been around for a few years, specifically this is the fourth year and currently the leaders are Salma Said and Debra Chepkemoi, seniors.

“I joined HHS Responds because it is a great place to talk about topics that affect us in our society and try to find a common ground. The demographic in our club right now is very diverse in terms of politics, race, religion and gender. I enjoy being able to take those different opinions and perspectives into one peaceful room,” Chepkemoi said.

The topics of interest change often, in 2016 a lot of the discussions were focused mainly on the election.

“In 2016 when the other group was running this they had an election fishbowl really stood out to me. I thought it was really interesting to listen to,” Said said.

Chepkemoi has been a part of this club for a few years and can see the differences between each year.

“Last year, HHS Responds was really focused on taking action with the walkout and black history month parade. I think this year is interesting because of the creation of the two new politically focused clubs, YAF and Young democrats Club. It will be interesting to see the two different clubs in the same room,”  Chepkemoi said.

HHS Responds is a great place to further discussion amongst students.

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