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Hopkins Education Foundation gives grants to multiple HHS clubs

Nov 13, 2018

For 22 years, the Hopkins Education Foundation (HEF) has been providing Hopkins Schools with grants to fund programs, new advancements and opportunities in performance, just to name a few. These grants provide supplies and technology for classrooms or clubs.

Since 1995, HEF has granted the schools with over $2.6 million. Funding from HEF has presented many clubs with opportunities that would have otherwise not been possible.

Recently, The Latin Dance Club, The Technocrats and Girls United MN were awarded grants  which have provided clubs with resources to host their meetings and take further measures.

Girls United MN was founded by Jessica Melnik, senior. Melnik recognized the susceptibility  young girls face when exposed to today’s media. Girls United has hosted multiple events throughout the metro, with the all-around goal to teach girls to beat the stereotypes and feel empowered and strong.

Additionally, Melnik has made the point to open up a discussion about sexual misconduct. She has arranged for speakers and survivors to speak at the high school to inform students on how to recognize a situation in which one may be at risk and how to handle it.

The high school is abundant in the amount of genres of activities it hosts. Ranging from the arts to the technologies, these clubs allow students to take their knowledge to the next level.

The Technocrats are a robotics team focused around STEM. The Technocrats construct robots in which they send to competitions and aspire to head to the state competition.

HEF made a goal the Technocrats had, which was to build a robot that is light and agile as possible, possible.

iA Bailar! is a Latin dance club which embraces diversity, dance, music, fun and great exercise, as it promotes inclusivity and celebrates the Hispanic culture. This non-traditional club can bring together students that do not normally interact with one another outside of the school day. At the conclusion of each semester, students will have the opportunity to perform together for their classmates in the mall area of HHS.

This past fall, Hopkins has awarded the district with six wellness grants. The money was focused on teacher training and facilities for students who are in need of support.

Hopkins schools and HEF recognize that student success is measured by much more than a letter grade and realize that the youth are the future of tomorrow. They recognize that health expands past the classroom, having a direct impact on academics.

A strongly held concept at HHS is people first, students second. The district aims to prepare youth for the future by supporting out of school activities that promote a well rounded person who can bring their ideas to the table.

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