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New “Screen Time” feature on IOS 12 helping HHS students stay focused

Nov 13, 2018

When iOS 12 was announced this past Sept., a variety of new features came with it. One of the newer additions has the ability to monitor and limit the use of certain apps. The new feature can be found on iPhones running iOS 12 in the “settings,” right under “Do Not Disturb” folder.

Some of the information that’s presented includes how long a user has been on their phone for the last week, which apps have been used, times someone picked up their phone and other features along these lines.

While the feature was primarily intended for small children using their phones too much, some students have started using the feature to stay focused during class and when studying.

“I saw I was using my phone for five hours a day and wanted to cut down on it. After using the downtime feature when I’m studying I’ve cut down on my phone use by 14 percent,” said Nick Kanitz, senior.

For those who do not set limits on themselves, parents can place limits on phones and can prevent tampering by setting a passcode. The apps are separated in different categories including: “All Apps & Categories, Social Networking, Games, Entertainment, Creativity, Productivity, Education, Reading & Reference, Health & Fitness and Other.”

If Apple made a solution that isn’t motivating enough to stay focused, there are numerous apps on the App Store that have a similar function.

One app, Forest, keeps users off their phones by having users set a timer and grow a tree during the timer. The app also offers group sessions where people join rooms and grow trees together, if one person uses their phones, everyone’s tree dies.

If the user leaves the app, they kill the tree and are constantly reminded that they killed an innocent tree.

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