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ProPEL fundraiser

November 8, 2018

This week, two fundraisers held at the popular restaurants of Blaze Pizza and Chipotle were organized by students involved in the ProPEL class.

Each year, ProPEL students pick a charity of choice to raise money for and contribute to. This year, ProPEL chose to donate to The Link. The Link is a charity that works with youth in order to overcome poverty by providing resources and housing.

“For our class project this year, we decided to run a couple fundraisers and then use that money to make care packages,” said Emma Rock, senior. “All the money we made over these couple of fundraisers will go to these care packages that will eventually go to homeless youth.”

ProPEL students were responsible for organizing these events and getting the word out. Most students took to social media to distribute online flyers to give to the restaurants who would then donate part of the sales to ProPEL.

“Overall, I think the fundraisers went really well,” Rock said. “I was able to attend the Blaze fundraiser and I saw a great turnout from students.”

Aside from the two restaurant fundraisers, ProPEL students also took the fundraising into their own hands by selling bagels and coffee to parents during conferences. Amy’s Cupcakes and Caribou generously donated and were the suppliers of the bagels and coffee.

“Overall we made around 600 dollars which is awesome,” Rock said. ”Hopefully these care packages really impact the people we are reaching out to.”

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