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Musicians use their voices for more than just music

Nov 7, 2018

In case you didn’t know, Election Day was yesterday. Well, you probably all knew due to the nonstop attack ads interrupting your joyful sessions of watching whatever television program your heart desires.

Everybody throughout the nation has been throwing their two cents about what needs to happen moving forward between the 2016 election and the election taking place today. Some of America’s foremost musicians have been no exception to this.

Taylor Swift ended her 2018 Reputation Tour roughly a month ago and she has since turned her Instagram into a giant ad to inspire young people to get out and vote. She also announced that she would be voting Democrat on the Tennessee ticket.

Many members of the Atlanta hip hop and R&B community have also raised support for Georgia’s Democratic candidate for governor, Stacey Abrams. Quavo of the Migos, John Legend, and 2 Chainz are among the many rappers who have voiced their support of Abrams. Her win would be historic, as she would be the first female African-American governor in the country’s history.

On the Republican side, hip hop superstar Kanye West and rock legend Kid Rock have met with President Trump within the past month and have sided with the 45th president on many of his issues. While West recently recanted his statements regarding Trump, his public interaction with him in October gave the Republican party some publicity, and it is not certain which side the Chicago MC will be voting for today.

Musicians have also gotten involved on President Trump’s numerous stops to endorse political candidates to disavow the use of their music at his rallies. These have become common occurrences for Trump, but two of the most recent and public cases belong to Rihanna and Pharrell, who have both send cease and desist letters to the current president.

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