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The Sam Segelbaum fan section

Oct 30, 2018


Provided by: Asher Kahn

The Sam Segelbaum fan section poses for a picture at an HHS football game. Their creative chants were yelled all season long.

This season, despite playing soccer in the past, Sam Segelbaum, senior, decided to hang up the soccer cleats and take down some football cleats instead.

“I didn’t want to play JV soccer as a senior, and in the past I knew that some soccer players moved to being the kicker for the football team. It took some courage and a few days to get the coaches number and text him about trying out for the spot. The rest is history,” Segelbaum said.

Due to Segalbaum’s history in soccer, he made a great candidate to be the new kicker for the HHS football team.

When Segelbaum’s friends found out about his new position on the team, they decided that they should show support for their friend and go to his game.

“All of his good friends decided to go cheer him on so we went there and we are all weird people and we got rowdy and it was a lot of fun. We knew we needed to keep the tradition going,” said Dante Reminick, senior.

The fan section is made up of a group of senior boys who are good friends of Segelbaum. The fan section is known for their loud, funny and creative cheers.

“My favorite cheer is our GOAT cheer, it goes like this, Gimme a G! Gimme an O! Gimme an A! Gimme a T! What does that spell? Sam Segelbaum!,” said Sam Jonas, senior.

Though, not everyone is a fan of the section. Some players love it and others not as much, and this goes for HHS students too.

“I enjoy it. It gives me a good laugh during the games, but I think overall as a team they don’t enjoy it as much as I do,” said Will Stein, senior, who plays on the HHS football team.

Segelbaum’s close friends enjoy the fan section a lot but they are aware not everyone is a fan of the section that they created for the kicker.

“I’m sure some people probably like it and some probably don’t that’s how it is for a lot of things, but at the end of the day, all that really matters is that we are there to support our friend, the beloved Sam Segelbaum, and the rest of the HHS football team,” said Asher Kahn, senior.

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