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Earbuds at HHS

Oct 24, 2018

When Katie Blad, senior, walks through the hallways, classrooms and lunchroom of HHS she is bound to see “portable distractions” in the ears of her peers.

In 2017 alone, Statista reported that over 368 million headphones, headsets and earbuds were projected to be sold. Apple is also reporting that they have sold over 900,000 wireless AirPods as of September of 2018.

“I don’t see a problem with headphones in school unless they are being worn during a class discussion,” Blad said.

While it seems that all types of headphones are a necessity to some students at HHS, most teachers don’t approve of their use in class because they believe that these gadgets are a distraction from learning. However, some students find that listening to music helps with focusing, memorizing information and staying on task.

Cooper Lampe, sophomore, owns up to the fact that his AirPods are in his ears or on standby all day. With that being said, despite these so-called distractions, he still manages to thoroughly excel in his AP and honors courses.                                                             

“Earbuds keep me calm and help me focus in class. They are stress relievers that assist me when I study and do work. While some people do use earbuds as a distraction, if you’re smart, you can learn to listen to the teacher and use the earbuds to channel the information,” Lampe said.

Though the majority of teachers still are not convinced, the policy of earbuds differs from teacher to teacher. Karin Johnson, science, recognizes the value of earbuds, but believes there is a time and place for them within a classroom setting.

“In general, I tell students to not have headphones on unless they are used during work time. Sometimes I let students wear headphones because they focus better with them and get less distracted by their neighbors who are talking. However, I’ve seen these students have a much harder time making friends because they are so isolated,” Johnson said.

Whatever one’s stance is on the productivity of earbuds, there seems to be an undisclosed, mutual agreement between the staff and students at HHS. Kids wear earbuds around school because they understand that they’re in charge of their own learning.

This was a big reason why Eden Lockhart, sophomore, decided to run for student council.

“We should not take advantage of our freedoms, but it should be in every student’s best interest to find out what works for them. If a student has an opinion or voice to be heard, then they should given the chance to speak about what is right,” Lockhart said.

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