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BOOvie Monday: Paranormal Activity and Halloweentown

Oct 15, 2018

Paranormally bad

The worst horror movie I’ve ever seen was “Paranormal Activity”. I saw it when I was fifteen, and all I knew about it at the time was that it had a whole slew of sequels so I figured it must be at least a little interesting or scary or fun. It was none of those. Found-footage can be a really clever way to make a horror movie, like with “The BlairWitch Project”, but it only served to create garbage cinematography in this movie. It was incredibly slow with almost no payoff and didn’t even get my heart pumping in the slightest. In the future I probably shouldn’t use the number of movies in a franchise as any indicator of how good a film is. In this situation, quantity is extremely unrelated to quality.







Halloweentown is a Disney Channel Original Movie the came out in 1998. Like all halloween movies, it has its quirk. For this movie everything is exciting and keeps you interested. I was very young the first time I saw this movie, but from the first time I saw it till now, I get excited every year to see it. Halloweentown follows the story of three siblings discovering that their family contains witches and warlocks, including themselves, and they have to save the town or it will be gone forever. They have pumpkins for people and skeletons as taxi drivers. It’s a family film and a comedy, great for everyone.


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