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Abortion protester at Hopkins

Oct 12, 2018

Standing on the corner of Lindbergh Drive and Cedar Lake Road on Oct. 3, 26 year old Jeffrey Stocker, was hoping to mold some “developing minds.”

With signs in hand that read “Abortion is Murder” and a Gopro strapped to his chest, Stocker attracted the attention of students leaving the school parking lot at the end of the day.

“I was on my way home when I passed him and turned around as soon as I could. I called my friend, Lili, and parked again in the Hopkins lot to walk down and approach him,” said Angela Perez, senior.  

Stocker, who is unaffiliated with any organization, has made his way around neighboring schools such as Minnetonka and St. Louis Park, coming around the same, busy time of day.

“I like coming out to high schools because I know that young people’s minds are still developing and are subject to learning new things. I’m here to reduce the sin of child sacrifice, in the hopes future mothers and fathers will love their children for the glory of God,” said Stocker.

Stocker’s protest was not on school grounds, and he therefore was protected by the First Amendment.

“I wouldn’t have felt compelled to speak to him if he wasn’t preaching a partisan issue so close to school grounds. There are so many backgrounds here at Hopkins, his message definitely made people uncomfortable or offended,” Perez said.

Perez felt confident in attempting to change Stocker’s beliefs due to the knowledge and experiences she has gained as a volunteer at Planned Parenthood. Lili Hoschka, senior, who also confronted Stocker, wanted to advocate for women and their rights.

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