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Club Spotlight: Art Club

Oct 5, 2018

Dark, groggy, and unproductive, mornings tend to be one of the most dreaded time of day for teens. Ani Kruse and Annika Danielson, juniors,  hope to change this particular outlook by creating an opportunity for students to attend Art Club and start their day their day with a relaxed and content mindset.

Pressure and standard free, art club welcomes all. There is no experience needed and no expectation toward the quality of the final product. All projects are open to interpretation and the subject can be manipulated in any way, allowing the artist to express themself and release.

On Wednesday, Oct. 3rd at 7 am, Kruse and Danielson held the first meeting in the S205 art room. There, new members snacked on donut holes and discussed logistics.

“So far there has only been one meeting, but what we know for sure is that we will be creating a friendly environment. We want one that is open and free for anything that wants to be done. As additional activities, we will share visual artists and music that we like, have some a morning snack, chat if wanted and eventually take out a project if wanted, but is not necessary,” said Kruse.

In order to create art, you need something to work with. As of now, Art Club supplies paper, charcoal, water colors, oil pastels, and acrylic paints. They hope to broaden their selection once they acquire the funds. While working, members will be able to listen to the collaborative playlist compiled of each member’s selected song for the week.

For many, art can be very therapeutic. By creating, one is putting the unsaid into pieces.  Danielson and Kruse hope to introduce the benefits of art as release.

“We want to get people hooked on a creative outlet that they can use whether it be during a hard time or just something for fun that they can use to be creative. Art is also something that can be used to combat failure. When learning how to draw no matter the level of experience, you will find that not everything is going to turn out how you want it to, but you can learn how to be happy with what you have and accept that life isn’t perfect,” says Kruse.

Danielson and Kruse hope to make an impact on their community. They are working on showing people alternatives to unhealthy forms of release, and showing them the positive impression that art can make.

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