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Entrepreneurship students take on semester long project

Oct 5, 2018

Students in entrepreneurship classes have just been assigned their semester long business projects. Students choose from multiple events that are also events in DECA. The projects that students work on during class can double as their DECA presentation.

Some students, like Nick Kanitz, senior, want to do DECA but can not find the time in his schedule to make a quality presentation outside of school. While participating in DECA is not required in the class, many students are giving it a shot for their first time because of the class.

“I have always been interested in doing DECA but I just have so many things after school I feel like I wouldn’t be able to make a quality project,” said Kanitz.

Other students like DECA officer, Sam Segelbaum, senior, has been doing DECA since coming to HHS sophomore year. Segelbaum says he is using his Entrepreneurship project for DECA and is glad he gets time to work on it during the school day.

Students in Entrepreneurship are able to choose from four of the competitions in the Entrepreneurship career cluster. Students can choose to develop their own business plan, develop a franchise business plan, develop an international business plan, or research the operations of a business.

“We’re taking a company or business and we are coming up with ways to improve and kind of make your own business in a way,” said James Orvedahl, junior. “It’s nice because my group and I are all in the same class and are also doing this for DECA.”

In DECA, students perform their presentations in front of judges and are graded accordingly. The first competition, which is Jan. 29, is at Wayzata High School and consists of all high schools in that area. Students that receive the best scores move on to state, after this only the best prepared students move on to Nationals, which are located in Florida this year.

Segelbaum recommends DECA for all students, and not just those interested in business, he says that not only does it look great on a transcript, it also can be a lot of fun if you try.

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