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HHS students get the opportunity to be Student Election Judges

October 3, 2018

Many HHS students have developed their own political views, but are not old enough to vote. However, students at HHS have been given the opportunity to be Student Election Judges in the upcoming Nov. 6 election.

The school has been promoting students who are at least sixteen years of age to be apart of the political process by volunteering to act as election judges. Many students are excited to take part in such a momentous event as this upcoming election, in which new senators, representatives, and a governor will be chosen.

“I want to participate in my local democracy and make a difference in politics and immerse myself in the process behind it,” said Katie Blad, senior.

On TASC on Monday, Mr. Unruh-Friesen, AP Government teacher, and digital learning coach, held an informational meeting for everyone who may be interested in getting involved. Numerous students attended, in the hopes of being an election judge this November.

“The informational TASC was very helpful in learning more about this opportunity and now I want to ve a part of this even more,” said Angela Perez-Jauregui, senior.

Students are realizing their voices do matter, and even if they are unable to vote this election season, just being a part of the election is equally important.

“I know my voice matters and I want to be apart of this election because I know younger voters tend not to vote as much as older people, which makes it harder for younger people to have a voice,” Blad said. “I want to be that voice, and prove how essential it is.”

Though many students at HHS want to get involved with this election for political or ethical purposes, some have signed up for other reasons, such as the incentive of money.

“I signed up to be an election judge because it pays well and I get to miss a day of school,” said Ayanna Maddox, senior.

Overall, no matter the reason for involvement in this election, any help from students is very much appreciated by our community and is a great way to get involved in politics at a young age.

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