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HHS Media Center renovated over the summer

Sep 27, 2018


Nafi Soumare

The media center’s new chairs by the front entrance. Victoria Wilson, library media specialist, likes to refer to them as “pinwheel chairs”.

Amid the physical renovations at HHS this year, there have been a few notable internal changes. These changes can be recognized within the new function of the school’s media center.

Over the summer, the space underwent a significant physical renovation. Victoria Wilson, library media specialist, is very proud of these new achievements.

“We were told that we would be getting a whole new HVAC system, a new ceiling, and new carpeting,” Wilson said.

At the end of last year, the media center donated a majority of their book collection with Free Book Friday. They held an event every Friday during lunches for several weeks where they set out stacks of books for any student to take for free.  

“We got rid of a lot of book stacks last year with Free Book Friday, about 80 percent each week, which allowed us to put all of our books against the perimeter and leave space for new furniture in the center,” Wilson said.

The library features new high-top tables, flexible chairs which allow you to sit alone in a confined space, and a larger presentation space.

“I see it as cleaning out a closet. Free Book Friday gave us a good opportunity to give the media center some well-needed maintenance,” Wilson said.

Ellie Longar, senior, is also happy with these new changes.

“I really like the new couches and comfortable chairs. I didn’t come here a lot last year, but now I come almost every day for study hall,” Longar said.

With a reinvented space, the media center staff are looking to find ways to reinvent the way it is used. To do this, they have created an advisory board which welcomes students and faculty alike to share their ideas about new uses for the space, whether that be new activities, traditions or updates to the book collection.

“We use it for study hall, printing, and ASC, but there could be more ways to use it. The space belongs to everyone, we really want to make it our own.” Wilson said.

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