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Updated parking passes

September 13, 2018

As the start of the school year rolls around at HHS, so does the sale of parking passes.

They’re back at it again with the passes.

This year, the parking passes have undergone a thorough rework though.  As per normal, students still need to get all of their fees paid and checked off in order to purchase a pass. The look of the passes has changed, but this time it’s a big change, they are now much smaller and fit nicely behind a rearview mirror and they are covered in Royals Lions.

“I think that they skimped on the look at little bit, they’re kind of weird looking, like they got squashed. Although, I’m really happy about the cheaper passes,” said Jacob Kampf, senior.

Not only do they look different, but they also cost much less. The $300 passes from last year have now dropped to a much less $250 which is cause for excitement all throughout the HHS community. The cost will lower by $62 every quarter in order to promote people with fresh licenses to continue to purchase the passes as the year continues.

“The money that students pay for the passes is put to good use, maintaining the parking lot. It’s used for hiring snow plows during the winter and repaving the lot whenever it looks out of shape,” said Traci Meyer, Dean of Students.

Regardless of how the passes look or how much they cost, students will continue to buy them to ensure easy access to school parking and overall ease of access to school.

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