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Taylor wants a Swift change in reputation

Sep 7, 2018

We all know Taylor Swift as the as the pop singer with the songs about the ups and downs of her love life and the singer with the lyrics expressing her most personal experiences. But since Swift has dropped her newest album Reputation, it has made some skeptical of her new persona and what it means.

I managed to come across a couple of free Taylor Swift tickets to her show on Aug. 31, at TCF Bank Stadium, and as I descended down countless stairs, trying to find my seat, I thought I knew what I was walking into. But once the lights went down, fog started to seep down from the stage, a new Taylor had arrived.

Anyone who keeps up with pop culture or Swift’s Instagram, might be familiar with how she claimed to have shed her country based skin and started again with a brand-new persona that makes no apologies.

I would not quite consider myself a Taylor Swift fan, so I had my doubts about her evaluation, and if she had really evolved. But to my surprise, she did.

Dressed in a black, Swift came out in ¨a barely there¨ outfit,  surrounded by a slew of bandmates and dancers and begun to perform, along with the help of fire projecting towards the ceiling.

Taylor Swift? Fire? I never thought one of her concerts could led to me dropping my jaw and yelling “Holy s***!” to my friend I went with.

But this new Taylor led me to this quintessential question: “Is the old Taylor really dead?” Should little girls still look up to her as they once had?

Swift once was the rising country star of 2007, that fifteen year old girls begged for tickets to their birthdays. She would just walk around the stage, strumming her guitar and singing about how much she loves Nashville and a guy from high school that never called her back.

Swift, now being one of the biggest stars of 2018, filling up stadiums across the globe, now sings about the snakes in her life.

Her snakes, being the “liars and the dirty, dirty cheats of the world,” as being quoted from her previous album, 1989, clearly had prompted her to put on grand shows that revolve around sparkly wardrobe changes, fireworks, let alone fire, provocative dancing, bold and dark makeup, floor-shaking drum solos and the sharp use of video collages to send the message of “I don’t like you” from single, Look What You Made Me Do. How far will she really go to prove to the world that she truly has changed?

Is this really the new Taylor? A Taylor that floats above the crowd in the rib cage of a snake? Or one that has huge inflatable snakes breaking out of the floor, as she dances and banters around the stage with her cute background dancers?

Either way, Taylor Swift is a performer that attracts a young crowd. In front of me there were two girls who could not have been older than ten, waving up at Taylor and screaming the lyrics to her songs, while behind me, a man was being escorted out, on account of being hammer drunk.

There were things that made me feel like I was in the sixth grade and at a Fall Out Boy concert. How could two so astronomically different come together? The answer I believe is the new Taylor. Like her or not, but she has made big strides and even bigger changes in the music industry and the age gap that consumes it.

All in all, Taylor is accomplished. She is only twenty-eight years old and has been in the spotlight for thirteen years. She has a net worth of 280 million dollars and has presented herself to the world as a humanitarian.

So you decide. Taylor Swift claimed the old Taylor is dead. Maybe so, but to what length will she go to represent her new Reputation?

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