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To Wear White or to Not Wear White

May 29, 2018

All year seniors here at HHS have been patiently anticipating the end of the school year, waiting for their graduations and to begin the next chapter of their lives. Everyone excited to continue Hopkins traditions such as pranks on the last day of school or wearing white to graduation.

Alas, this class of 2018 may be doing things differently. Although they plan to uphold the tradition of wearing white on the last day of school, May 31st, they may not be going through with some of the other aspects of senior classes past.

Some seniors, such as Shayna Korsh, believe that wearing white on the last day is something that HHS senior should continue to do.

“I was definitely planning on wearing white since seniors have been wearing white for graduation for several years. I have always been looking forward to continuing that tradition since I was younger,” Korsh said.

This year, the last day of school for seniors and graduation are on different day, which is contributing to the decision to continue wearing white or not. Another factor to consider is the convenience of years past of simply wearing the same thing one wore to school to graduation. For some, they may want to get two separate outfits for each; both white. Others may avoid it altogether. Someone in agreement with Korsh is fellow senior, Jane Nelson.

“Some people want to wear a different color for graduation, but I’m going to wear white for the last day and for graduation. Even though it is on a different day, if I wear white both days I only have to wear one dress!,” Nelson said.

Overall, no matter what color seniors decide to wear for graduation or the last day of school, they are still making an incredible achievement and should be celebrated for that. Congratulations Hopkins Class of 2018!

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