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Op/Ed: 13 Reasons Why

May 24, 2018


13 Reasons Why, a Netflix original series, has been causing controversy throughout America. The two-season series addresses suicide, substance abuse, sexual assault, and bullying. The show is set in Liberty High, the school in which Hannah Baker attended before she took her life.

Prior to committing suicide, Hannah sent out 13 tapes to 13 people who impacted her decision. Season one surrounds these 13 victims and how they cope with this burden. Season two creates the scene of a trial, where Hannah’s family sues Liberty due to ignorance of Hannah’s suicidal symptoms.

The show is becoming a very controversial topic, due to the dreadful subject in the series. The cast of the series start off season 2 by addressing that the show may not be for everyone, especially if they are experiencing any of the problems expressed in the show, it may not be the best show to watch, especially without a trusted adult.

In a recent “Halls of Hopkins” update from Mr. Doug Bullinger, principal, he discusses the series. He says, “Like any other streamed TV series, we know that many teens who have watched or will watch 13 Reasons Why do so alonge and on their digital device, which further suggests the need to engage with our teens in conversation.”

Personally, I really enjoy the show. Although I understand that the tender subjects can cause pain and controversy, the conversations that can come out of them can change lives. My friends and I have already had many conversations about different aspects of the show.

If you haven’t checked out the series yet, I suggest you visit their website to learn more, and if the show is for you, start binging.

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