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Student Council Vice President candidates (left to right) Bella Feitl, Sally Reed, and Jaxon Parker, juniors, and President candidates Sagit Nachmias and Erin Weiss, juniors, participate in a forum during TASC on April 26 in which they outlined their platforms, ideas, and visions for the coming year.

Student Council members run for President, Vice President

A school-wide election will be taking place on April 27 to elect Student Council officials for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year.

While in the past voting has taken place strictly within Student Council, this is the first year that voting will be open to the sophomore and junior classes. Students will be able to cast a vote between 7:30 am and 3 pm on that Friday.

Opening it up to the student body allows students to be more invested in Student Council and increases our presence within the school, which I think will be very positive things,” said Student Council President Hannah Goldfarb, senior.

Though campaigning is central to the fall election for Sophomore and Junior Representatives, this is the first year that campaigning has become part of the spring election. From administration-approved posters displayed around the school to stickers passed out to students in support, the five candidates have developed creative strategies to garner votes. The only strictly prohibited form of campaigning is giving out food.

There are three more positions that are up for election this spring: Public Relations/Communications Chair, Secretary, and Event Planning Chair. Elections for these positions will be voted on only by current Student Council members, similar to previous years. All positions are for one-year terms.

One of the main positions up for election where voting is open to students is the President of Student Council. This role comes with a significant amount of responsibility to help the student body thrive.

As outlined in the HHS Student Council Constitution, “the President shall preside over Student Council, act as a direct line of communication between Student Council and the advisors, plan each student council meetings, and lead weekly meetings in accordance with the schedule.”

Though the workload of the Student Council President is considerable, Goldfarb valued her time as President.

My experience as President of Student Council has been overwhelming positive. A lot of that has to do with the great group of people. We’ve been able to accomplish a lot more this year than we ever have in the past,” Goldfarb said.

The other position on the school-wide ballot is Vice President of Student Council. Similar to the duties of the President, there is a lot for the VP to do. According to the HHS Student Council Constitution, the Vice President serves as a substitute in the case of the President’s absence, works with the student body to gather suggestions for events, and maintains meeting and event attendance.

Here is a look at the candidates for President and Vice President for the 2018-2019 school year:

Erin Weiss, President candidate
Sagit Nachmias, President candidate
Jaxon Parker, Vice President candidate
Sally Reed, Vice President candidate
Bella Feitl, Vice President candidate

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