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Player Profile: Kristin Mandeville

Apr 2, 2018

Kristin Mandeville, junior, is a multi talented lacrosse player.  Mandeville lays two different positions, attack and midfield.

If you are unaware of what lacrosse positions are, attack is a player that makes plays to score. A midfielder is a combination of scoring and defense, a player that can excel on both ends of the field.

Mandeville has been playing lacrosse since she was 14, and one of her friends got her interested in the sport.

“I started playing lacrosse in 8th grade, my neighbor Abby Martin got me interested in playing and I am lucky to be able to play with her today,” Mandeville said.

Over the years, Mandeville has played while improving each year.

“I’m proud of the improvement that I have made and my team has made over the past few years,” Mandeville said.

Minnesota True is a program for athletes that want to focus on not only playing organized games but also training.  In this program, the girls will practice 2-3 times per week and play in three different tournaments, do strength and conditioning training and play in scrimmages.

“I joined the Minnesota True girls club lacrosse team in 10th grade,” Mandeville said.

The HHS Royals have been continuing to improve as a team as well.  

“I am proud of our team beating Benilde-St. Margaret’s in the section quarter finals last year,” Mandeville said.

Sometimes when someone starts an activity, they gravitate towards it and it just makes them happy whenever they do it.

“I play because I love the adrenaline I get before the beginning of a game, and it’s a sport I have enjoyed playing since I started,” Mandeville said.

Mandeville and the Royals hope to continue to grow as a team and as teammates.

My goal this season is to mesh our team and build chemistry out on the field, and to take the ball to net as many times as I can,” Mandeville said.

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