The Depot hosts Bill Nye Science Night

Sam Buttress, Staff Reporter

The Depot Coffee House in Hopkins is hosting Bill Nye Science Night this Saturday, Feb. 25, their first Youth Night of the year.

“Bill Nye Night is going to have little DIY science experiments set up as well as a couple of bigger demonstrations.” said Depot Youth Board member Stella Segar, junior.

The Depot sponsors offers these free youth nights that is open to any and all teenagers.

“Youth nights are centered around the Depot’s mission, which is in short, to create a safe and chemically free environment for teens.” said Segar.

The Depot hosted an Art Therapy Youth Night in January with much success, and has plans for many more Youth Nights after this one.

“We have a total of 6 youth nights planned for 2018 starting with Bill Nye, then we’ll be having a dance, a trivia night, a skateboarding night, a murder mystery night, and a Dungeons and Dragons night.” said Segar.

The Depot is a popular hangout for students at Hopkins, and often features music from local and student bands, as well as open mic nights.

“The Depot has such a supporting community and it allows for teens to express themselves to their friends without fear of judgement or harassment.” said Jake Sandler, junior.

All Depot youth nights are planned and organized by the Depot youth board, which is currently looking for high schoolers to join the youth board, or to help the Depot Event Corps who volunteer at Depot events.

For more information on Depot events and opportunities, visit the Depot coffee house website or visit the Depot on Excelsior Blvd in Hopkins.