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Review: God’s Plan and Diplomatic Immunity

Jan 22, 2018

Review: Gods Plan and Diplomatic Immunity

This past friday, pop rap superstar Drake released two surprise tracks “God’s Plan” and “Diplomatic Immunity” off his forthcoming EP titled Scary Hours. This release hopes to continue the momentum garnered from Drake’s 2017 mixtape More Life.

The first track “God’s Plan” is a prime example of Drake in his wheelhouse, rapping about his place in the rap game underlaid with an airy trap beat. While this track is exactly what one would expect from Drake, it can not help but fall into the plethora of similar sounding Drake songs. Nothing is distinct about this track beyond the hard hitting second verse.

“Diplomatic Immunity” sees Drake explaining the immunity to a multitude of things that his stardom has granted him. The production on this track is excellent with a looping string section that helps to improve the personal and melodic elements throughout the track. This track again falls into the previous track’s shortcomings, with a distinct lack of uniqueness and identifiability.

I had hoped to see more risk taking tracks released by Drake on this teaser as this is a fairly good indication of the rest of his upcoming project. Unfortunately we did not get that.

However with this true to form Drake we did get some examples of his consistently well produced beats. If these tracks are any indication of the full project, Scary Hours may be a uninspired yet passable EP in Drake’s discography.

Overall Review 5.5/10

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