Album Review: Saturation III

Album Review: Saturation III

Paul Zeitz, Staff Reporter

The final installment in the Saturation trilogy, Saturation III by self proclaimed “boy band” Brockhampton continues the momentum and quality displayed in the first two Saturation projects.

This 14 member group entered 2017 with the hope to saturate the music market with their innovative and refreshing sound. They achieved this with three consecutive stellar albums, containing nearly 50 quality tracks.

Saturation III caps off this trilogy and breakthrough year for Brockhampton, with energetic and overwhelming tracks like BOOGIE and ZIPPER, while also exposing a softer side with more R&B influenced songs, like BLEACH and STAINS.

BOOGIE was released as a teaser single for the album. It begins with hectic horns, intense bassline, and a underlying siren. This commotion is maintained throughout the track, as the members trade short powerful verses back and forth.

Moving from the powerful electricity of BOOGIE, BLEACH shows the vulnerability of members such as Matt Champion and Ameer Vann. A hypnotic chorus delivered by Ryan Beatty repeated throughout the track, underlaid by a hazy but repetitive beat, helps to draw the listener into the intense emotional side of these rappers.

Brockhampton took some risks on this album to help to deviate from a sense of sameness from their two previous projects. One of their most audacious tracks on this album is SISTER/NATION. The first part of this track contains ominous droning electronic synths, which come off as unnerving at times and rather dissonant from the other tracks on this project. The second half of the track sees a return to form, with more melodic sweeping vocals weaved between some of the hardest hitting verses on the entire album.

Despite SISTER/NATION’s ambitious beat design and flow switch up, the rest of the tracklisting falls too comfortably into a mold of the previous two Saturation albums. Ameer Vann’s verses are a prime example of this as his flow is seemingly the same on all tracks he is featured on this project. While they are all quality verses they can fall into a sense of repetitiveness which can turn them bland.

This album along with the two prior entries in the trilogy are a must listen and will go down as one of the rap industry’s most daring endeavours in the decade. Brockhampton holds an extremely promising future ahead of them with an album already planned for spring of 2018.

Overall Rating 8/10.