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HHS looks to expand with new learning spaces

January 16, 2018

In the recent months, some students may have noticed that their classrooms are becoming a bit more spacious, or maybe adopting some new technology. This is because the school is reconsidering how learning space is being used.

In the months and years to come, many classrooms may be spaced out in favor of a more open learning area. The wider space to learn gives students, obviously, more room to move around, and more room to interact with their fellow students.

There have also been rumors of removing lockers in the near future, in favor of expanding some classrooms to incorporate even more space than the rooms already allow. Many classrooms are currently cramped with tight rows of desks, and most technology is restricted to simply a Smart Board.

A more open environment lends itself to, as mentioned before, better interaction between students, which leads to better absorbing information from the lessons. When students have a chance to process what was discussed out loud, it helps memory retainment, and gives them an opportunity to understand the topic on a deeper level, by applying other viewpoints.

Students barely use lockers anyway, so clearing some out for bigger learning spaces will come at little to no inconvenience for any students, and definitely improve overall learning quality. This is definitely one of the better moves the school is making, especially with the factor of incorporating new technology.

In a society where students and teenagers are becoming more and more involved with technology everyday, it only makes perfect sense to further ingrain it into their learning.

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