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Player Profile: Caleb Dunnewind

Jan 10, 2018

For Caleb Dunnewind, sophomore, Nordic Skiing has always been apart of his life. Dunnewind started when skiing as a child and has never looked backed.

“I started a youth ski program when I was six years old and have been skiing ever since then,”  Dunnewind said. “Ever since then it has been a really important part of my life.”

Dunnewind chose Nordic skiing over Alpine Skiing. It was decision that cam very easy to him.

“I never looked at Alpine as an option, it has always been Nordic because it’s just way more fun,” Dunnewind said.

As a skier, Dunnewind has had to compete in some tough conditions. Especially last week in the Masabi meet where there was at a low of 26 degrees.

“I’ve actually always have been a better skier in cold than in warm,” Dunnewind said. “When it’s colder, it’s slower, and as a lighter skier, that really plays into my advantage.”

About 2 years ago, Dunnewind felt how bad the cold can get.

“I am pretty good about staying warm because of when I frostbit part of my ear off,”  Dunnewind said. “So I’ve had to be pretty safe with that stuff.

Dunnewind has had some pretty great moments with his team.

“We had just finished the Masabi meet and we went into the hot tub and just chilled, it was great,” Dunnewind said. “Also, back in eighth grade at Masabi, I really got a chance to learn more about the team and it was awesome.

HHS Nordic is back in action on Wednesday, Jan. 10, when they travel to Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis.

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