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NFL power rankings

Dec 13, 2017

With only three weeks left in the season, teams are looking to lock up a playoff spot. The Royal Page breaks down the best from the worst.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers(11-2)

People can say whatever they want about how this team plays down to others but they still get wins, and that is what matters. Offensive stars Antonio Brown and Le’veon Bell are unbelievable.

  1. New England Patriots(10-3)

In a weird game, the Patriots didn’t convert a third down all game. It was very obvious that Tom Brady was missing Rob Gronkowski all game. Also, the Patriots defense has actually been really good lately. Allowing an average of 13.5 points a game in the last 8 games.

  1. Minnesota Vikings(10-3)

The Vikings defense let the team down. Mike Zimmer has always said, if my team scores 21 points, it should be enough to win games. Case Keenum at quarterback is the right move but don’t be surprised if we see Teddy Bridgewater this week in what is sure to be a blowout against the Bengals.

  1. Los Angeles Rams(9-4)

The Rams lost at home vs the Eagles on sunday, but you could make a case that the Eagles lost more. The Rams have a chance to do some damage in the playoffs because of their road record: 5-1.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles(11-2)

After a great win on the road vs the Rams, the Eagles lost MVP candidate Carson Wentz for the rest of the season due to a torn ACL. Can Nick Foles play well enough to get the Eagles somewhere in the playoffs?

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars(9-4)

I have been saying all year that this team is legit. The team is built like a super bowl winning team. A unstoppable defense, average quarterback, and a strong running game. Reminds me of the Baltimore Ravens when they won in 2012 and in 2001.

  1. New Orleans Saints(9-4)

Drew Brees is not flashy but he gets through the tough times and I have no doubt the Saints will get past this loss against the Falcons. The Jets visit this sunday in what is sure to be a blowout.

  1. Carolina Panthers(9-4)

They played a great game at home vs Vikings in what was huge bounce back win. The Newton and McCaffrey duo is filthy and Luke Kuechly leads a surprisingly good defense.

  1. Atlanta Falcons(8-5)

The Falcons get better and better every day. Matt Ryan is turning around his play and the defense is finally making plays which was expected all year. However, they still haven’t clinched a playoff spot yet.

  1. Los Angeles Chargers(7-6)

Philip Rivers is a beast. Melvin Gordon is a beast. Keenan Allen is a beast. If this team gets into the playoffs, watch out because they can win on the road no matter the circumstances.

  1. Kansas Chiefs(7-6)

What a huge game between the Chiefs and Chargers coming up this sunday. Whoever wins, will make the playoffs and the other probably won’t. Alex Smith better not be replaced next season because he has been really good.

  1. Seattle Seahawks(8-5)

The Seahawks defense is broken literally and figuratively. They were a bunch of babies after losing a game they played horribly in. Also, after the game they were screaming at fans. The Seahawks have some issues that need to be dealt with.

  1. Tennessee Titans(8-5)

I don’t think many people realized that the Titans lost against the Cardinals last week. They scored 7 points. How? The Cardinals aren’t even that good. Don’t fear though, the Titans are still in a playoff spot.

  1. Buffalo Bills(7-6)

In the most entertaining game of the week, the Bills prevailed in a literal blizzard against the Colts. Shady McCoy looks really good and this defense is underrated. Watch out when it comes to playoff time.

  1. Green Bay Packers(7-6)

Jesus is back!! Okay, maybe not jesus to some of us, but to Packer fans, Aaron Rodgers is a mini god. I’m still not convinced that this defense can get the job done though. At least the Packers still have a very good offense.

  1. Detroit Lions(7-6)

The Lions got a much needed win on sunday. Matthew Stafford is carrying this team like Russell Westbrook did with the OKC Thunder last year. The Lions will not make the playoffs and will lose against the Packers in week 17.

  1. Dallas Cowboys(7-6)

Dak Prescott and the boys’ only have to wait one more week until they get Ezekiel Elliott back. If the Cowboys can win out and make the playoffs, they could do some damage because of their multi-talented offense.

  1. Baltimore Ravens(7-6)

They played a hard fought game against a better team, plain and simple. The only reason they are down in the order is because they dropped out of a playoff spot. How much can Flacco do?

  1. Miami Dolphins(6-7)

Jay Cutler and the Dolphins played one heck of a game on monday against the Patriots. They dominated both sides of the ball and Adam Gase coached a great game. They are still in playoff contention and looking dangerous.

  1. Arizona Cardinals(6-7)

After a well played game for the defense, the offense if looking to score more than 12 when they play the Redskins. Look for Larry Fitzgerald to have a big game this week.

  1. Oakland Raiders(6-7)

It was a very disappointing game for the Raiders against the Chiefs. They couldn’t move the ball until the fourth quarter and the defense gave up too many big plays. The Raiders’ playoff hopes are dieing in what has been a really bad season.

  1. Washington Redskins(5-8)

I thought this was legit because of the great play from Kirk Cousins but the defense has been awful in stopping the run or the pass. Somebody give Kirk some help, seriously.

  1. New York Jets(5-8)

The Jets only got 100 yards total on the road vs the Broncos. Josh McCown ends his oddly good year with a torn ACL. It is a shame because it would have been funny to see the Jets in the playoffs.

  1. Chicago Bears(4-9)

Mitchell Trubisky was balling against the Bengals on sunday. So was Jordan Howard, who just reached 1,000 yards rushing on the year again. If this team can get a star receiver, look out for the future.

  1. Denver Broncos(4-9)

In the best game we’ve seen them play all year, the Broncos shutout the Jets at home. While this was good, the team still needs a quarterback. Look at the bright side though, at 4-9 the Broncos are somehow not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.

  1. Cincinnati Bengals(5-8)

I don’t understand, after playing a hard fought game against Pittsburgh, (which yes they lost but fought hard) they get blown out at home vs the Bears. #freeAJGreen.

  1. Houston Texans(4-9)

It is shame that Deshaun Watson got hurt because this team would have been so much fun to watch in the postseason. Tom Savage just does not have the same talent as him.

  1. San Francisco 49ers(3-10)

Jimmy Garoppolo is undefeated in a 49ers uniform. With a 2-0 record, he looks like the future in the bay area. The defense still sucks though and they team is 3-10 so little positive.

  1. Indianapolis Colts(3-10)

The Colts, without Andrew Luck, have been awful on offense. Their defense just flat out sucks. The Colts will pick a solid player in the draft and try to build around their QB.

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers(4-9)

This team should be good, but for some reason Jameis Winston has decided to play like garbage and throw a bunch of pics. The defense has also let the team down in many ways.

  1. New York Giants(2-11)

Poor Eli Manning. The man was benched one game, which he should have started, to lose his streak of 210 starts. Ben McAdoo is one of the worst coaches in NFL history and he ruined multiple players careers.

  1. Cleveland Browns(0-13)

I don’t really have anything good to say, so I won’t say anything at all.

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